Sandwich, MA Concrete Cutting

Sandwich, MA is a town located on Cape Cod, MA. Double S Concrete Cutting is happy to offer the residents of Sandwich with its concrete services. Sandwich is actually the oldest town on cape cod and currently serves the home to around 22,000 residents. Since the town has been incorporated in 1639, sandwich has grown to be an extremely popular place to live and visit. Double S Concrete cutting offers services to all of cape cod but really likes working in Sandwich.

Sandwich is filled with historic charm and modern living all in one. Beaches line the northern shores of sandwich, bringing in a ton of people in the summer.

Double S Concrete has been helping sandwich residents for years and is happy to continue its services. Double S Concrete specializes in wall sawing, core drilling, jack hammering, trenching, and flat sawing. Many of these services are used to cut doorways, cut walls, cut into floors to access pipes, and much more. Concrete can be a huge barrier for anyone.

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