Wall Sawing
We mount an air driven saw on a track that is plum to the wall. We use this method for cutting door ways, windows or the enlargment of an existing window. The cut is extremely precise.

Core Drilling
Core Drilling is the process of drilling a round hole through a concrete wall or floor so pipes, wires or anything else can pass through easily and safely.

Jack Hammering
We can use an air driven hammer to break up anything made of concrete, brick, block or stone. 

This process is the cutting of a concrete floor so pipes, pumps, wires or anything else can be placed below the existing floor. Commonly we do this to add sump pumps or bathrooms in a basement.

Flat Sawing
The cutting of asphalt or concrete with walk behind saws.

Double SCC has a wide range service area from the Boston Area down throughout Cape Cod, MA.